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Nothing But Anime Mystery Box

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As the title says, this is an anime only mystery box. Unlike other mystery boxes that promise you the world but barley deliver a city. We promise a city but deliver a country. City being common, state being an exclusive and country being a chase! There will be more exclusives than commons. Will there be extremely valuable exclusives? Prolly not. Will you feel like you got ripped off? Prolly not. Every pop will come in soft protector and will also be placed inside a crush proof cardboard protector! Can you use a discount code? Yes! Can you get free shipping? If your order is over $35 well yes you can! Some of the Top Pulls are listed below. 

Funko Pop! Animation: Demon Slayer - Muichiro Tokito 2022 Funkon Exclusive  *SHARED* 

Funko Pop! Animation: Naruto: Shippuden - Kakashi ANBU AAA Anime Exclusive Chase 

Funko Pop! Animation: Naruto: Shippuden - Sasuke Rinnegan AAA Anime Exclusive Chase

Funko Pop! Animation: Hunter X Hunter - Killua Zoldyck (Godspeed) - AAA Anime Exclusive Chase

Funko Pop! Animation: Black Clover - Luck Voltia - AAA Anime Exclusive Chase