Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Order Policy:

Box Of Pops requires full payment at the time of your order.  In exchange for your advanced payment, we promise: 

1. Careful expedited shipping the moment the item arrives.

2. The Pop! Protection Promise. The best pops and sodas go to our best customers!

3. No delays.  If you pre-order multiple items, we do NOT hold them as we await the other items.  Every item ships the day we receive it, even if that results in multiple shipments.  We know you want your products fast, and we aim to deliver. If you would prefer less shipments, please let us know.

4. Low Price Guarantee.  If the price drops on our site at any time before it ships, or within the first 15 days after it arrives, you will receive a refund for the difference!

Pre-Order Cancellation Policy:

You are free to cancel your pre-order at any time prior to shipment without penalty.  Notify us that you'd like to cancel, and we will issue a 100% refund within 3-5 business days.   Please note: Due to Paypal's 180-day maximum time limit on refunds, any pre-orders purchased through Paypal, and cancelled more than 180 days after date of initial order, will be refunded in the form of a store credit via Gift Card

*All delivery dates are early estimates provided by the manufacturer. Delivery date may vary, however, we will do our best to communicate any significant deviations in product availability

Have any more questions? Please feel free to contact us here