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Common + Exclusive Mystery Box (2 Pops, 2 Sodas or 1 Pop and 1 Soda in Every Box)

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This will be an ongoing series. Series 1 will include the bundles pictured above and many more! Every mystery box will contain one Common and one Exclusive. Some may even contain two Exclusives! Exclusives will be any Pop! or Soda that has a store sticker, con sticker or chase sticker. Commons will be any Pop! or Soda without a sticker. Not all Mystery Boxes will have a theme like the ones pictured above. Every Pop! or Soda will be placed into a sorter, marked with common or exclusive and then placed into a shipping box. Please note there are no refunds or returns, but we honestly feel you'll be pretty happy when you crack open that box! Have a question? Send us a DM on Instagram @shopboxofpops or email us at